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"Wright Minded is the best tutoring service I have ever worked with. They not only helped me significantly increase my score (from 85th percentile to 98th) after only 2 months of working together, but they were also incredibly flexible and easy to work with. I would recommend them to any friend or family member." - R. M.


Wright Minded is growing. We intend to become the biggest tutoring firm in the Bay Area within 15 years. Here’s how:

THE tutoring industry’s PROBLEM

As it stands, few talented people see private tutoring or test preparation as a rewarding, worthwhile career. This is because:

1) The impact is deeply immoral: college admissions is a zero-sum game, so giving wealthy students an edge directly harms their low-income peers.

2) The work lacks the prestige of fields like medicine, science, finance, or law.

3) Wages are low compared to other evil (or even morally neutral) jobs.

In short, if you’re a talented person and you don’t sell out, you stay away from test prep because it’s evil. If you do sell out, you may as well do it in a more prestigious and lucrative way.

our solution

Our strategy is to attract and retain talented people through The Hour For Hour Promise, then outperform the big companies by being better. The idea is:

1) Talented people who would otherwise consider public school instruction, social work, or public interest law choose to work with us because our work offers similar wages, much more lifestyle control, and a similar social impact.

2) Because we recruit from a more talented, better qualified pool than our competitors, and because we find meaning in our work beyond just paying bills, our service is the best in the industry.

3) We charge elite rates because we’re the best, and we pay our staff high wages because they’re the best.




  • A bachelor’s degree. (For LSAT tutoring, either a law degree or admission into a T15 law school.)

  • An official score of 1550 or higher on the 1600 SAT, 2300 or higher on the 2400 SAT, 34 or higher on the ACT, or the current capacity to achieve a 1550 or higher on a practice SAT we administer. (For LSAT tutoring, an official score of 174 or higher.)

  • Cultural literacy — the ability to maneuver comfortably and tactfully in a variety of cultural contexts.

  • Basic tech literacy.

  • Competence, candor, calm, and compassion.


  • A fancy graduate degree from a fancy school.

  • Teaching experience, or experience working with youth in other contexts.

  • Advanced tech literacy, specifically in the areas of web development and data analysis.

  • Expertise in project management and / or strategic thinking.

  • Bootstrappitude.

  • Indications that you have achieved your current position without the benefit of various privileges (class, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc.).




SAT / LSAT tutoring.

Someone to take ownership of our ACT prep office.


We want someone to take ownership of our undergrad admissions consulting office.

Our admissions consulting sucks right now.

Financial aid strategy is a big piece of this. Scholarships, programs like Questbridge, FAFSA, etc.


We are a small firm, so all roles will include some mix of the following auxiliary duties in addition to your direct client service.

If you meet the qualifications above, and you’re interested in a job that combines direct client service with one or more of the roles below, send your resume, proof of relevant test scores, and a brief statement of interest to mike@wrightminded.org.


  • Producing written and / or video resources for students and tutors (e.g. lesson plans, worksheets, explanations, etc.), which will be made public free of charge.

  • Refining our big-picture approaches to Math, Reading, and Writing.


  • Becoming a resident expert on the process of securing testing accommodations (e.g. extra time, private testing room, breaks, etc) for students with learning differences.

  • Handling individual client cases, working with parents, school officials, and sometimes lawyers to secure accommodations for the student.


  • Improving or rethinking various internal processes such as data tracking, bookkeeping, and feedback.

  • Managing our transition to a browser-based model, where all our tools are available for free online.


  • Networking with industry contacts, school officials, and prospective hires.

  • Managing Wright Minded’s social media accounts, advertising strategy, and traditional media presence.

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