Wright Minded


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"Wright Minded is the best tutoring service I have ever worked with. They not only helped me significantly increase my score (from 85th percentile to 98th) after only 2 months of working together, but they were also incredibly flexible and easy to work with. I would recommend them to any friend or family member." - R. M.


Do you work for a big tutoring company that treats you like an actual piece of trash?

Do you wake up every morning filled with existential dread because you enjoy working with kids but you’re slowly realizing for-profit test prep and college counseling is straight-up evil?

Well STOP! It is evil, and you deserve better.

WE pay a lot

Our pay structure is simple: you decide the hourly rate we charge clients. Then, for every hour you spend teaching kids (paid or pro bono), you’ll get paid 1/4 of that rate.

For all the other work you do (curriculum development, administrative tasks, etc.), you’ll get “Wright Minded minimum wage”, which is currently $20/hr.

we are nice

Standardized testing and college admissions are zero-sum games: every inch of help rich kids get actively hurts low-income kids.

In our view, The Hour For Hour Promise makes our work morally neutral.

One more line of text that is pithy and substantive.

we’re looking for…

Fancy degrees from fancy schools.

Experience teaching, or otherwise working with kids (camp counselors to the front).

Ability to ace the SAT within a few months of study.

Cultural literacy — the ability to maneuver in a variety of cultural contexts.

Calm, competence, kindness, and relative sanity.

(650) 224 - 6279