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"Wright Minded is the best tutoring service I have ever worked with. They not only helped me significantly increase my score (from 85th percentile to 98th) after only 2 months of working together, but they were also incredibly flexible and easy to work with. I would recommend them to any friend or family member." - R. M.

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ATTENTION: The SAT was redesigned in March of 2016! Among many significant content changes, the test is now scored out of 1600 points with an optional essay.

I have developed an in-depth preparation strategy geared specifically toward the New SAT, including a proprietary tool that generates a personalized analysis of your results for each of the eight official practice tests. The software sorts each question by type based on College Board's New SAT Test Specifications, then identifies the specific subject matter areas where targeted practice can most improve your score.

All client relationships begin with a free 1-hour in-home consultation. Subsequent meetings take place in two-hour blocks at whatever time and place is most convenient for you -- at home, a local cafe or library, or even outside in the sun :).

Sat / LSAT Preparation

For better or worse, raw test scores are a make-or-break factor in school admissions. But standardized tests are not IQ tests -- they are assessments of a specific set of learnable skills, including test-specific strategies such as time management and passage annotation. The upshot is that focused practice paired with individualized instruction can yield dramatic score increases for everyone, regardless of where on the spectrum you start off.

Our work will begin with a personally proctored full-length practice test administered under realistic test conditions. You'll wake up bright and early on a Saturday, whip out your non-mechanical pencils, and take a full test front to back while I take detailed notes on your timing, strategic approach, and mindset.

Next, I'll take your test home to identify patterns in your right and wrong answer choices, then craft a personalized study plan to address your individual needs, including recommendations on which methods and resources best suit your learning style.

Over the following weeks, we'll use a combination of assigned homework and Oxford-style tutorials to target a) the fundamental content areas where you can gain the most points, and b) test-taking skills to ensure your knowledge translates to correct answers on test day.

College and law admission counseling

Applying to schools can be a stressful whirlwind of deadlines and tough decisions. With an able guide, however, the project of finding, gaining acceptance into, and financing an education at a school that suits your passion and ability can be greatly simplified, and it's absolutely worth the effort. Use your hours with me to:

  • Take a detailed, personal snapshot of your academics, extracurriculars, and passions to get individualized advice on which classes and activities to focus your energies on during high school or college.

  • Develop a list of schools that match your preferences for size, diversity, subject matter, selectivity, student life, and cost.

  • Create one simple spreadsheet to keep track of each school's deadlines, requirements, and essay questions.

  • Craft an application package with essays, recommendations, and a resume to translate your best qualities into a form that will catch the attention of admissions officers, who read hundreds of applications per week.

  • Navigate applications for financial aid, grants, and scholarships to make sure your education won't break the bank.

base rate: $275 / IN-PERSON HouR

16 hour package:

Recommended for relatively independent students seeking individual guidance. In 8 two-hour sessions, we can design and supplement a course of self-study, targeting strategic and content areas wherein the student stands most to improve.

24 hour package:

Recommended for students seeking a complete course of study. In 12 two-hour sessions, we can cover content and strategy for all test sections, with one or two sessions remaining for targeted reinforcement of the student's principle areas of improvement.

36 hour package:

Recommended primarily for students seeking both test preparation and application counseling. In 18 two-hour sessions, we can thoroughly cover all major content and strategy areas, with a substantial remaining hours balance for targeted reinforcement, essay composition, and more.

Observed practice tests (which take 5 hours but do not involve the same degree of engagement as a content session) are billed as a two hour session.

Hourly estimates for services not rendered in person (such as essay revision and spreadsheet creation) are provided up front.

Purchased package hours may be applied to any combination of services without restriction.

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